Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Santa, RE: Ant Farm

Uncle Milton Illuminated Ant Farm Gel ColonyDear Santa,

First of all, thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have given and the spirit of giving you embody. My family has always enjoyed your visit over Christmas. I know you enjoy the eggnog and cookies we leave out for you as they are always gone.

This year though, I feel I must discuss one of your choices for my son. Obviously, you are a great judge of a person or have immense resources to know that my son would greatly appreciate an Ant Farm. However, this makes for a lousy gift.

I know I will probably end up with a lump of coal next year for this, but I cannot help myself. The joy in a child getting a gift is to be able to use it right away. Oh, by the way, THERE ARE NO ANTS WITH THIS SET!

We understood we need to order the ants and they would be sent in 4-6 weeks. My son checked the mailbox from day 14 to day 46, then we received the following email from your supplier:
Thank you for your order.  Unfortunately at this time it is too cold to ship creatures to your area.  If your temperatures are falling below 32 degrees at night, we cannot safely ship your order.  We will be checking the temperatures weekly to see if they fall within the appropriate window at which time we will ship your order.  We will also notify you via email upon shipment.
So, if I'm right, the Easter Bunny could stop by before the ants arrive due to the nightly temperature.  Unfortunately, the ant farm has fallen from my son's imagination and interest. Somehow, he does seem to still enjoy the handheld electronic games you sent him. I guess that will have to do for now.

Well, thank you for reading my letter. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because I'm sure there are other little boys out there who are still waiting for their ants to arrive.


KP Bergman

PS. We'll leave some extra cookies out next year.