Friday, February 8, 2008

Hello and welcome

Well, I am was looking for an outlet and here it is.

I write from time to time about my interests and what not. You can expect to see things here ranging from discussions about life and it's meaning to how I think McDonald's has better ketchup dispensers than Burger King (discussion to follow). I really have a broad range of interests from video games to film to pop culture to ancient civilizations.

You never know what you'll find here. :)


BlackPig said...

Well you must be thinking "OMG this spammer pig is even here?" I must say yes it is :)

Hi there Half, I can't say about the ketchup dispenser of Burguer King because we don't have this one here on Brasil but yes McDonald's, yes they ketchup is good.

Halfcracked said...

The funny thing is that the Burger King dispensers are always this clumsy button of a push pump that only fills 1/2 of a tiny paper cup. The one McDonald's near there now has these larger cups that are 4-5 times larger. Their dispensers also put out more catchup.