Friday, October 1, 2010

Are people really naming their kids after 70s and 80s rock stars?

Let's start with the incident that put this whole thing into my mind...

At the Dekalb County Fair this week, I was waiting on my son to get off a ride when another father was trying to take a picture of his kids. I looked at him with his camera phone as he yelled (other children's names have been modified to protect the innocent) "Riley, Alison... Jagger"

I was just thinking, "OK, everyone has a right to name their kids what they like, but really? They must be huge Rolling Stones fans."

Then I thought back to some membership applications I have been processing at work. The first one that came to mind was Alexzander VanHalen "Smith." At that time, It brought a smile to my face while looking at the others. Then I was back to work. Since then I have seen some Tommy Lee "Smith"s and a few others.

I'm sure that there are more out there. I'm just not certain if I would want my kids to look back in Wikipedia and find out who I could have been named after. 

Just needed to get that one off my chest.

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